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Snuff kettle refers to the container containing snuff, small but hand-held, easy to carry. Today, the habit of snuff is nearly extinct, but the snuff kettle has been passed down as a fine work of art, and continues to flourish, and is known as "a collection of a variety of national crafts of pocket art." China's snuff kettle, as a fine handicraft, uses porcelain, copper, ivory, jade, agate, amber and other materials, and uses techniques such as blue and white flowers, multicolor, carving porcelain, covering materials, skillful work, and internal painting to draw the advantages of a variety of techniques both inside and outside the region. It is regarded as a precious literary game by the elegant people and enjoys a great reputation both at home and abroad. In the world, China has long been known as the "hometown of smoking kettles." among them, snuff bottles are known as "pocket works of art with a wide range of crafts" because of their ingenious and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. The snuff pot is a container containing snuff. It is a kind of tobacco product, originally a western product. After it was introduced into China from Europe in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, it was processed and transformed into a powdered medicinal material. After sniffing, it not only has the effect of avoiding epidemic in the bright eyes, but also has the effect of avoiding epidemic. Snuff in all classes is popular, and quickly integrated into the art style of China, developed a unique variety of snuff pot, in the Qing Dynasty aesthetic technology, become one of the important symbols of Qing Dynasty art. With great investment value and collection value, most of these heavy weapons are collected in museums at home and abroad. If you need to buy this collection, please consult with our customer service and we will do our best to serve you.


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