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Zheng he was not a muddle. In the last years of kangxi, zheng he bridge, about 20 years old, passed the exam. In the ten years of yongzheng, he went to nanjing to try and raise a man, 40 years old. During the reign of emperor qianlong, the 44-year-old zheng he was sent to Beijing to try the Chinese style of Chinese style. He went to the imperial examination room for the first half of his life, but compared to the average man of letters, zheng's name was a good one. He is the official clean, the talented person, the work poem, also the good calligraphy and painting, is the rare "big white" in the world, why the "rare" sentence?
One year, banqiao to shandong laizhou YunFengShan view Zheng Gong tablet, late night at the foot of an old Confucianism, Confucianism, claim to be foolish old man, old manners, elegant, two people talk very congenial. In the old man's home, there was a large stone ink stone, the stone was exquisite, the engraving was exquisite, and zheng he was greatly appreciated. Old man please leave banqiao calligraphy, in order to please people carved at the back of inkstone, banqiao puzzled at the old man and history, he wrote "a rare confused" four words, and covered their this happens "kangxi show just a yongzheng juren qianlong jinshi. Inkstone with square table size, as well as more than a big empty, also please inscribe at the old man a BaYu banqiao, old man with no delay, conveniently wrote: "the stone, stone is especially difficult, by beautiful stone it is harder to turn into stone. Beauty in the rocks, Tibetan wild man of the company, not into the door and the riches and honor." Then also cover the kisses, seals are: "court trial first, after having obtained the second and third position" banqiao look after, knowledge is a sentiment elegant retired officials, may seem to admire. See ink stone and void, and start to write up a paragraph: "the wise, foolish especially difficult, confused by the intelligent and transferred to harder. Put a, step back and the peace of mind, a figure later also." This is a very valuable collection.

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